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We are a webmarketing agency specialized in digital technologies that assists freelancers, start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and communication agencies to define and execute effective and profitable digital marketing strategies. With nearly 20 years of experience in web marketing in France and internationally, we have a solid expertise in developing businesses on the web, and the operational capacity to conceive brands, design and produce quality websites and execute effective web marketing campaigns.

DIGITAL MINDZ is a member of an international alliance of over 50 independent digital agencies in more than 30 countries. In technical areas, DIGITAL MINDZ works with fifteen partners, each specialized in a specific field, who employ more than 130 people and already work with more than 250 clients in France.

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Our goal is to achieve the objectives of your marketing and sales projects. To do this, we need to work with the best experts in all areas of digital marketing in France and abroad.

A web marketing strategy must combine several "trades" (visual identity, customer journey, website creation, SEO, Google AdWords campaigns, media animation, etc.) that must get along and collaborate so that the fruit of their joint work produces the best possible result. Thus, an expert in the creation of websites must work jointly with graphic designers, SEO experts who themselves must work on the basis of previous work (customer journey, etc.).

In a world where distances are shrinking, some of our experts are located outside Paris for obvious cost reasons without penalizing the quality of their collaborative work. However, DIGITAL MINDZ is located in the Paris region to be close to its clients and support them as they develop and mature digitally. Our web agency has experience in digital marketing in France but also abroad which allows us to adapt to your specific constraints and circumstances.

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Whether it's a showcase site project in a less competitive environment, the creation of a more complex e-commerce site or the design and execution of a web marketing campaign, a minimum of marketing analysis and strategic thinking is required. The new technologies and means of communication offer many levers such as referencing (SEO or paid) on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing or others), social media, without forgetting inbound marketing techniques. Our marketing agency will help you define the right strategy to maximize the impact of the most relevant levers, taking into account your challenges, the strengths and weaknesses of your company, its environment, the competition, and your financial constraints. Marketing analyses (targeting, visual identity, customer journey, etc.) allow us to build an action plan but also to optimize the effectiveness of the identified levers. For example, these analyses are key at the time of the creation of the website, the development of SEO campaigns. Knowing the age, occupations, interests, consumption habits of your target allows you to execute a social media communication with much more efficiency.
The website is often a pillar of your communication and marketing of your products and services on the Internet. DIGITAL MINDZ designs packaged and customized "showcase" sites and "e-commerce" sites that are efficient, reliable, flexible and intuitive. A website allows to pass messages, to build a presence, a reputation, a personality through a strong and recognizable brand and this, without being disturbed by the various distractions on the Internet, it is about "showcase" websites often with all or part of the development on measure. The website can also be a real platform for sales, reservations, payment, and can also be integrated into the management systems of your company, it is then an e-commerce site often custom-made. To be effective, the website must be well designed, fast, visible, attractive, intuitive, and must encourage curiosity and exchange, without which the visitor will quickly move on to something else. The development of the website must also make it an easy tool to "live", to evolve, to update and must be secure and compliant with current regulations.
About 90% of Internet browsing begins with a search engine query, while the intensity of interaction on the web and social media platforms is unprecedented. Web marketing represents the "fuel" of digital marketing allowing, with a greater or lesser degree of precision and speed, to be referenced, visible, to attract attention and optimize conversion. Google and other search engines use sophisticated algorithms to identify which websites should appear at the top of the search results. The strategies and techniques of referencing (SEM) whether natural (SEO) or paid (SEA) allow to obtain a better ranking. SEO can target different types of internet searches (words, videos, images, industry-specific engines, etc.). SEO is a structuring element of the marketing strategy, whereas SEA is considered more of a gas pedal. The SEA is a term that includes referencing strategies but also paid advertising such as "pay-per-click" (like Google AdWords), display, re-targeting or video advertising. SEA allows you to instantly generate qualified leads and increase conversion. Social media marketing (SMM) strategies respond to an evolution in behavior since consumers are no longer passive and now want to interact. The campaigns of animation and communication on social networks allow to stay engaged so that the company remains the first option when needed. SMM also allows you to precisely target an audience for a communication that remains quite affordable to this day. Web marketing often requires regular updates based on analysis and measurement with dedicated algorithms.
Outbound marketing consists of "pushing" a message to a large audience in the hope of a short or medium term impact. With inbound marketing, the initiative comes from the customer and the objective is to direct their path to you from research to purchase. DIGITAL MINDZ helps you create the foundation to build awareness, generate leads and convert them into revenue. We use a combination of strategies such as brand development, content creation and experiences on various communication media to attract and engage with your potential customers. Converting leads into sales is also a crucial step in inbound marketing. An inbound marketing strategy requires, beforehand, to carry out studies on your target (buyer personas) and their customer path (buyer journey). Among the levers we find content marketing, SEO, web design, social media. Qualified lead generation typically uses calls to action (CTAs), landing pages, forms and blogs. Marketing automation solutions (CRM) often prove effective for conversion.
Our web agency assists you in the development of your international business. We help you test foreign markets or build a marketing strategy to reach an international target. Our network allows us to study the potential of foreign markets with local experts and to conduct international web marketing strategies that take into account cultural differences, language, consumer habits and competition. Once again, once the preliminary marketing analyses have been carried out, we assist you in developing new pages and functionalities on your website, implementing referencing and international communication strategies.
New technologies and digital platforms are becoming essential for most companies. DIGITAL MINDZ has built a portfolio of packaged or customized training programs to enable you to be as autonomous as possible. Our trainings allow you to have a global vision of digital marketing and its levers or to study a particular subject, such as: digital strategy, SEO, SEA, Google Analytics, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, web writing, e-reputation monitoring, etc. We can offer inter and intra company training and can be financed by your OPCO.

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