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Without a data led digital marketing strategy an action plan devolves into a simple tactic that is highly susceptible to chance, emphasizing the journey rather than the destination... without accomplishing the goal.

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Inbound marketing, social media, search engines (such as Google and others), and other channels can all be used to promote a good or service online today. Unfortunately, too many companies go back to the drawing board after unsuccessful initial investments: identifying relevant objectives and building an appropriate digital marketing strategy it critical to any companies sucess.

During the digital marketing strategy and planning phase, we analyze the elements (targeting, visual identity, customer journey, etc.) that are necessary to build a digital and marketing action plan, and to implement it in a relevant way. Our digital marketing analyses are based on proven tools and techniques, which we adapt to your company's strategic challenges.

Some examples of our digital marketing services:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Brand Identity & Positioning
  • Buyer Personas &
  • Buyer Journey
  • Digital Marketing Funnel
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy & Marketing

An extension of your marketing department

  • Digital marketing strategy consulting is often associated with a one-off project, but as a business develops or technologies evolve, new needs may emerge.
  • Although the objective is to make business leaders more and more autonomous, we intend to build a constructive and lasting relationship with our clients in order to accompany them in the long term.
  • We can compare your campaign data with your business objectives to measure the effectiveness of your investments and propose corrective measures on a one-off or regular basis.

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