Become more autonomous in digital marketing

DIGITAL MINDZ helps you become more autonomous in the face of digital marketing challenges


Training adapted to your needs

We offer a wide range of packaged or customized training courses in different formats, to best suit your needs and your time and funding constraints.

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A knowledge assessment allows us to identify your needs in order to offer you a training program adapted to your time and budget constraints. The subjects and the level of the training courses are sufficiently varied to suit everyone's circumstances, but it can also be interesting to build a tailor-made training course, in particular to take into account a specificity linked to the market, the industry or the company.


Our in-company trainings are perfect for dealing with one or more specific topics or for training a team, but we can also organize inter-company trainings to reduce the budget of each company. We offer both face-to-face and distance learning courses.


DIGITAL MINDZ is a partner of ID1789, an approved training organization since 2013, Datadock referenced and Google Partner Premier Certified. Our training courses can be financed by one of the 11 "skills operators" or "OPCO" in your industry. This method of financing consists of using funds available under the regulations to finance all or part of the training.

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Support post-training

Training by itself is sometimes insufficient to advance your digital project. The agency offers you a post-training follow-up to help you apply the acquired notions to the particular case of your company.

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Collaborative planning

We agree on several objectives to achieve in order to enhance the training received according to your specific needs.

Progressive application

We plan a free working session to accompany you in the practical implementation of the training received.

Customized follow-up

We can agree on a complementary accompaniment to guide you step by step and progressively gain in autonomy.


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